Sara Matasick

Sara's film credits include a variety of roles in the production process. Recently, she was a video engineer aboard Dr. Robert Ballard’s Exploration Vessel Nautilus, and before that she produced her own award-winning short documentary Rancheros del Jaguar.

E/V Nautilus - nautilus live

As a video engineer Sara managed a complex shipboard video system, remotely operated cameras on two ROVs, and ensured that the live video broadcast of the expeditions and deep-sea ROV dives were functioning smoothly. During the expedition through Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument Sara filmed deep sea landscapes and never-before-seen spectacles like the muppet-like, inflating gulper eel.

Rancheros del Jaguar

In Sonora, Mexico, the most northern population of jaguars in the Americas comes into conflict with local cattle ranchers. A history of hunting has diminished these powerful cats, but a community of ranchers is changing their relationship with the jaguars and learning to coexist. As producer, director, camera operator, narrator and editor for this film, Sara worked throughout the entire production process to tell a compelling and positive story.

Watch the trailer below, and catch the full film on Wild Lives, a three part series featuring short films produced by the next generation of wildlife filmmakers.