"I'm not just wild, I'm trained, domesticated..." is a good way to describe my experience so far, where wildlife ecology mated with visual communications. 

Every part of my diverse educational and professional background mixing ecology with photojournalism and film has been geared towards a career that connects people with the natural world. I want to inspire change so people become advocates for conservation and carry science-based messages throughout their lives. I also want to encourage people to keep an open mind about people or customs that are different. I like to do this by finding the humor in things and making foreign narratives relatable.

On my site you can explore my galleries and delve into the projects that represent my personal priorities:  spreading a love for the wild, keeping an open mind, and constantly learning about the world. 

University of the West of England, 2017, MA Wildlife Filmmaking

University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2014, Wildlife Ecology, Minor in Environmental Studies